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Shopping your way to health.

As many of you already know, I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm down by the Margaret River. We had our own veggie  patch, fruit trees, cows, sheep, chickens and even horses. My Dad went fishing in summer time and we were always hunting marron, abalone, squid and other water critters. Growing up this way helped me to develop a real connection with food; where it came from and how to prepare it from scratch. Me and my family cooked meals made of fresh produce everyday. In today’s busy world this connection of paddock to plate, or even knowing where our food comes from is often lost. And this is really not OK for our health.

The foods that line the aisles of the supermarket are so far from the real thing it is a big concern. The majority have a focus on convenience, ready to prep and eat in a matter of minutes. These packaged items are full of cheap ingredients, preservatives, additives, flavourings and colourings that are all hidden away on the label through clever marketing. The fruits and vegetables that are claimed to be fresh are grown in bulk using chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and are often picked before they are ready and stored for months (sometimes years!!!) before being put on the supermarket shelves. The meat commonly found in supermarkets comes from farms that use growth hormones, antibiotics and feed their animals unnatural foods, often from genetically modified sources of corn and grain.

Unfortunately all of these added ingredients and processing methods are removing the “natural” aspect from our food. These foods are high in toxins and combined with a toxic environment, our detoxification system can get overloaded and overwhelmed. This leaves us feeling unsatisfied, unmotivated, run down, tired, stressed, bloated and overweight. We are so far from the nourishment I grew up with.

Learning more about this topic definitely left me feeling overwhelmed and confused. I wanted to start making changes but didn’t know where to start, so I thought I’d give you 3 hot tips you can implement this weekend to get you started.

Step 1: Start reading the labels on your food. Follow the 3-3 rule. Does it contain more than 3 ingredients? Does it expire in more than 3 months? If the answers are yes, then the chances are it is causing you more harm than good.

Step 2: Just Eat Real Food. Eat more fresh whole foods, food that doesn’t come in a package. Shop at Farmers Markets, IGAs, butchers, or better yet grow your own produce!  This may mean spending more time on sourcing your food but I can guarantee when you are properly nourished you’ll have more energy to do all the other important things.

Step 3: Focus on SLOW. SLOW = Seasonal, Locally grown, Organic, Whole-foods. Go to your farmers markets, get to know the farmers, ask about where the produce comes from and how it was treated (trust me farmers love bragging about this – if you are lucky they might even share a fave recipe with you). Shop for fresh local ingredients free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics. Get to know your butcher. If you run a busy life then there are plenty of companies who now deliver fresh organic produce and meat directly to your door.

Implementing change is always more fun with a friend, so share this post, make a weekend date with a friend to your closest farmers market and get shopping.

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