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Take the struggle out of being healthy and ease your way into a lifestyle you love with private coaching.

Together, we’ll look holistically at all the areas of your life and see what needs support. Armed with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition and eating psychology, I’ll create a tailored plan for you and work with you to improve your energy, balance, health, and happiness.

Learn how to nourish your body with delicious, wholesome foods and start building a healthy relationship with your body image. You deserve a lifestyle you love!


Learn simple, yet powerful wellness practices at an intimate live workshop with me.

Step into a fun, welcoming, and heart-centred learning environment to become the best version of YOU. I’ll introduce you to new ways of improving your existing relationships with food and your body. Make connections with like-minded people, get your questions answered by a qualified Holistic Nutritionist, and invest in your wellness.

My workshops are filled with story-sharing, truth-telling, inspiring discussions, intimate community connection, incredible self-care practices, practical advice, and loads of new friend-making!


Discover food and body freedom in my 6-week group coaching program — Finding Freedom.

If you’d love to have happier, healthier eating habits and body-positive thoughts, join me and Find Your Freedom — a soulful 6-week journey that will help you break free from hungry habits and learn how to check in with the narrative you’re playing on a loop in your head. We’ll explore radical self-love, learn why it’s important to honour your body, and how to tune into your innate wisdom to embrace ease, grace, and flow.

There’s nothing more exciting than a woman who is tired of giving up her power to the scale and the fridge. Are you ready to reclaim your power and life?

Client Love

My name is Trish, I am 36 years of age. I became aware around 18 years of age that I have an unhealthy attitude/relationship with food/body image. During the years I went through a yo/yo cycle of binging/dieting/reducing calories until the point I got very unwell and ended up in hospital. While this past year or so I did less of the reducing calories until illness, I was still in that vicious diet/binge cycle. With that came feelings of shame/guilt and so the vicious cycle continued. I made a decision to seek proper help about 6months ago. I made an appointment to see Kerryn and it changed my life. Kerryn helped me develop a more balanced attitude to food/nutrition. She helped me discover both psychological and physical barriers as to why I had not beat this cycle in the past. Kerryn gave me valuable tools to develop a healthier attitude to how I view food. She also instilled in me life long habits to take forward. I could not recommend Kerryn enough. Thank you Kerryn for everything.

Trish (2020)

Kerryn is a beautiful soul, who is truly passionate about wellness and helping people find their true selves. Being part of a True Nourishment course and continuing my work with Kerryn after the course has honestly changed my life. I now feel as though I am worthy and beautiful as I am - something I certainly didn't think I'd ever say about myself! Even if I doubt myself some days or things become a bit too much - Kerryn has been there, a great support and able to help me to identify what has triggered these thoughts. With Kerryn I've explored all aspects of my beliefs, eating habits and what nourishment means to me! Life is full of opportunities every day - and I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to work with Kerryn and discover their wellness journey.

Katie (2019)

I went to see Kerryn from West Coast Wellness for the first time in March, 2017 and after just four sessions together she had completely changed my outlook on and understanding of my personal health and wellbeing.

Through setting up a relaxed and comfortable environment, Kerryn quickly understood my situation and health goals and was able to provide me the valuable information I needed to make the right changes.

Following each session, Kerryn provided me with a detailed email including notes and advice as discussed during the session, and always made herself available over phone or email between visits if I had any questions to ask.

Overall, I was honestly blown away by the improvement I was able to see in my wellness and the way that I was feeling and I was able to walk away feeling so much more educated about what is best for my body type. Prior to seeing Kerryn I had tried countless different avenues (doctors, diets, lifestyle changes), but nothing else had allowed me to feel as happy, healthy and in control as I do now!

Thank you so much Kerryn, you really are a miracle worker.

Olivia (2017)

I had the opportunity to do the West Coast Wellness half day meal prep workshop this week.

Before the workshop, I had been speaking with Kerryn about the fact that I rarely make the time to do the week’s worth of food preparation because I have always thought it would take me too long and that the food I make would be boring. I also lead a pretty busy lifestyle and food preparation just wasn’t at the top of my list.

Kerryn prepared a balanced meal plan for me that was tailored to my needs, including just a few meat based dishes each week which suited me perfectly. During the session, Kerryn talked to me about the benefits of choosing my own produce (rather than ordering it online) and the nutritional benefits of organic food. I learned some creative ways to make veggies more exciting (hello, kale and butter!) and how to get an added boost of nutrition without even knowing it. Although there were a few new cooking techniques to learn, Kerryn made sure I understood everything we were doing and supported it with some very helpful notes!

I left the workshop with heaps of extra knowledge about food, some tips and tricks to make food more delicious and a total of 10 meals for me to try out this week. This is only the start of me learning to cook and I’m feeling really inspired. Thank you, Kerryn!

Kat (2016)

A couple of significant events occurred which got me thinking about my own life and if I was really finding satisfaction in what I was doing. The answer was no and I was at a complete loss as to how to find a solution.

I have had 6 sessions with Kerryn so far, made a couple of very manageable changes to diet and daily practices. 

I have experienced a lot of changes in this short time, the most significant being an astounding reduction in allergies, I was taking allergy tablets daily sometimes up to 3 a day. These days I am still occasionally effected but not near as bad. 

I have also become more active, taking up yoga  – starting with a few minutes a day and has increased over time. I am also self-motivating to get out and go for a walk, something I would never have done in the past. 

I am having a great time learning about the body’s energy centres and working on getting balanced – mind, body and spirit. 

Kerryn has provided me with practical tools to help make peace with the past, accept the present and create a fulfilling future.

Casey (2016)

I was lucky enough to have Kerryn Nilsson-Linne as my wellness coach for 12 weeks in 2014. After my initial consult, Kerryn kept in close contact with me through email, sending me personalised, weekly feedback that was specific to my needs and progress.

She helped me identify triggers to overeating, and advised me on ways to improve my nutrition and stay on track with constant encouragement and positive support.

Kerryn takes a holistic approach to health, and is not into short-term “fixes”, or quick weight loss. Her attention to detail and careful tracking of my wellness journey helped me to become less obsessed with food, and more accepting of my health as a whole. This has been a great kick-start for a longer-term health strategy for me, which is very different to the dieting merry-go-round that I had been on.

Thanks Kerryn!!

Gay T (2015)

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