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Mirror Image

You are more than your reflection

A story of every-day angst.
You wake up, you are feeling good.
Maybe you take a shower.
Drink your coffee (or lemon water).
You feel alive.
But then, that thing happens.
You are getting ready, and you have to stand in front of her.
You know who I mean.
She can make or break your day.
You give her all of your power.
She can be kind, but a lot of the time she is cruel.
Know who I’m talking about?
She is your reflection.
Well, technically she is your thoughts about your reflection.
She is that inner girl that lives in your mind.
Some days you try and avoid her, as if that makes a difference.
Like a child – if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me.
But when you do look her in the eye, what happens?
Some days she’s all sass, style and gorgeous.
But most days, you see ‘her’ and it all comes crumbling down.
All because of one glance at your reflection.
Seems silly when you think of it like that right?
Your body is MORE than your thoughts will tell you it is.
Your body is ENOUGH.
Your body is necessary for you to live the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.
That reflection (or perception of) ain’t got nothing on YOU.
What do you want to see and feel when you look in the mirror?
The choice is yours.
You have the power to change the story.
Take back control.
Comment below what you wanna see in your reflection.
I’d love to know ?
K x


About Kerryn Nilsson-Linne: Kerryn is a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach with a passion for supporting women. Her consulting and workshops aim to help women navigate away from the unattainable pursuit of ‘perfect’ and allow them to develop – and sustain – empowering approaches to eating and taking care of their bodies.

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