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Learn simple, yet powerful wellness practices at an intimate live workshop with Kerryn.

Step into a fun, welcoming, and heart-centred learning environment to become the best version of YOU. I’ll introduce you to new ways of improving your existing relationships with food and your body. Make connections with like-minded people, get your questions answered by a qualified Holistic Nutritionist, and invest in your wellness.

My workshops are filled with story-sharing, truth-telling, inspiring discussions, intimate community connection, incredible self-care practices, practical advice, and loads of new friend-making!


  • A la Carte Speaking Events

    • For businesses and event planners who are interested in having me speak at your event. I am super passionate about spreading the wellness message. Give me a call to discuss your event. Prices vary.
  • True Nourishment Workshop

    • With this workshop series, you’ll gain a toolkit that you can keep and use in every aspect of your life, forever. Kerryn has such a gentle and inspiring, yet powerful approach to teaching.

True Nourishment

Mind Body Nutrition Workshop Series

This workshop series is for the girls who wish they knew what to eat and how to take care of THEIR body. It’s for the women who are sick of looking in the mirror and hating what they see. It’s for the busy mums, professionals, and business owners who are tired of only eating what they ‘should’ eat and always feeling like something about them needs to be fixed.

– Accepting your body at ANY size and choosing what to eat from a place of love and acceptance, not self-control and deprivation.
– Feeling motivated, inspired, and educated when it comes to planning your meals, feeding your family, and cooking healthy recipes.
– Understanding how to overcome the frustrating food cravings that are constantly derailing your efforts to be healthy.
– Focusing on feeling good from the inside out, instead of trying to change the outside in order to feel good on the inside.
– Learning beautiful habits and techniques to support you in creating the joyful and easy relationship with food that you desire and deserve.

Are you ready to love food, your body, and live your best life? Then True Nourishment is for you!

What’s included in the True Nourishment workshop series?

In this series of workshops, Kerryn Nilsson-Linne (the Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach behind West Coast Wellness), will introduce you to new ways of improving your relationships with both FOOD and your BODY.

Journeying well beyond the diet mentality, Kerryn will support you to compassionately navigate away from the unattainable pursuit of ’perfect’ and to develop — and sustain — new and empowering approaches to eating and taking care of your body.

You can expect…
– 4 weeks of support and encouragement in a small group.
– Holistic healing in a supportive and nurturing environment.
– Lessons on tuning into your body wisdom to increase your awareness and capacity for relaxation, trust, pleasure, calm, embodiment, and presence.
– Learning to slow down and become aware of how stress is affecting your physiology — including your ability to lose or gain weight.
– Applying evidence-based information from health sciences, including eating psychology, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to your life in a meaningful way.
– Take home exercises, reflection, and journaling practices to ensure these new approaches and ideas are integrated into your life.
– A private Facebook group providing continued online support and accountability throughout the entire program.

With a little help, TRUE NOURISHMENT is completely doable!

Hear what past participants have to say about True Nourishment

Highly recommend the True Nourishment course. You will leave having a greater appreciation, love and respect for your body, soul and mind. You will find what nourishment truly means for you.
It will give you a fresh perspective on who you are, how you got here and how to move forward.
This course teaches you so much about understanding your relationship with food and how to break away from the guilts often tied with food. Plus Kerryn is so full of knowledge and explains things in a really clear and positive way.
You need this if you don’t love your relationship with food.
Trust me when I say I have told everyone about this already! Friends, family, work. The lot. I can't talk about it highly enough. If anyone is ready to love their body (learn how to) and listen to it, understand how food and family all link together - this is the retreat to come to. The power of coming together and being vulnerable and actively listening and being heard without judgement is incredible, and you will get all that and more from this retreat <3
It’s so nice to give yourself the time and space to contemplate what you idea of nourishment is and to challenge some of your misconceptions around food. Plus you get to do it in a beautiful space, with yummy healthy snacks and herbal tea while surrounded by other lovely women!
This is a really great workshop if you are looking to spend some time connecting to yourself and looking at your patterns around eating. It’s great to learn about nourishment and to expand your thinking around that so that you can create much healthier habits.

Workshops Investment

  • A la Carte Speaking Events

  • Prices vary

    • For businesses and event planners who are interested in having me speak at your event. I’m super passionate about spreading the wellness message and sharing my knowledge.Contact me to discuss your event and request a quote.
  • True Nourishment Workshop

  • $249

    • With this workshop series, you’ll gain a toolkit that you can keep and use in every aspect of your life, forever. Kerryn has such a gentle and inspiring, yet powerful approach to teaching.Next round TBC soon. Contact Kerryn to be added to the list.

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