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Healing the body with awareness and gratitude.

Before you read this post I encourage you to take a moment to breathe and check in. How are YOU? I am feeling revived and grateful.

Over the past few weeks I have been able to present at two different events. The topics were based on techniques used to overcome food and body challenges with true nourishment. The audiences were truly beautiful. I loved watching people connect and be vulnerable with each other (and me).

It was such an honour to speak alongside powerhouse women like Sabine McKenzie  and Kate Fenton aka The Lunatique who are both doing such powerful work. The best part though = giving the collective finger to diet culture and empowering women to be kind to themselves.

Presenting does not come easy for me and it’s taken me a few days to unwind, recover and reflect. Even though I loved every minute and am truly passionate about my message – it’s a LOT. Especially when you are coming up against the billion dollar industries (weight and beauty) that have shaped the collective view of our bodies and health. It’s not an easy path I have chosen but it is so important to me that I just can’t stop saying YES to these events.

For those of you that couldn’t make my presentation here are some of the key take home messages:

  • Body image is what we IMAGINE our body to be. Whether that be how we imagine the body to look or how we imagine the body to feel.  A negative body image then, is ultimately a lack of imagination. Meaning, our capacity to imagine something whole and positive and real and loving and accurate about the body is stunted.
  • A negative body image keeps us disempowered, weak and self-hating, and dramatically limits our human potential. 
  • Embodiment is the first step to healing challenges with body image.
  • Collectively, most people have no idea how disembodied they actually are. It’s like driving a car but not being aware of it, not watching your speed, not knowing how much petrol is in the tank, or who is behind / in front of you on the road. If we were all this disconnected on the road – well things are bound to go wrong. It’s the same with our bodies.
  • Many people look to healing their body image by changing the body to some kind of impossible to reach standard. They see it as a physical issue when it is actually more of a spiritual issue.
  • Body image is a powerful metaphor for the time in which we live. Collectively, we are being asked to “get back into the body”, to reclaim it, and find the sacredness and power in the experience of being in a body.
  • Because we have inherited our body image (from culture, family, religion, media) a negative body image is not so much a personal issue as it is a collective one. We are swimming in a sea of negative feedback and imagery. It is not “your fault” or your problem to fix alone.
  • The problem is not food or our bodies, it’s how we have been taught to see them.
  • The biggest industries in the world make billions from teaching us to see our bodies as flawed, and then selling us the solution. How we look is actually a very small percentage of who we are.

As we get closer to summer (Yay!), I am aware that challenges around food and body image can begin to pop up. We might start to feel pressured to build a ‘summer body’ or be ‘bikini ready’, I get it. These messages (no matter how ridiculous they are) create a stress within us. I am here if you need.

Please know this, I see you – you are beautiful – you have SO much more to offer in this world than how you look. You are worth so much more. You are enough exactly as you are.

With fierce love and gratitude,

Kerryn x

About Kerryn Nilsson-Linne: Kerryn is a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach with a passion for supporting women. Her consulting and workshops aim to help women navigate away from the unattainable pursuit of ‘perfect’ and allow them to develop – and sustain – empowering approaches to eating and taking care of their bodies.

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