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Find Freedom from your food and body hang-ups with this 6-week online journey.

The online group coaching program that will guide and support you to make peace with your plate and cultivate deep, whole-hearted love and respect for your body. If you’ve been looking for the path to radiant, blissful health and wellbeing, today is your lucky day. You’re in the right place!

Maybe this sounds all too familiar...

You’ve been trying to get your life and health back on track for what feels like FOREVER now, but you can’t seem to stick to your diet or create sustainable wellness practices and healthy habits.

It feels like everyone else is doing all the ‘right things’ — yoga, meditation, juice cleansing, dry body brushing, oil pulling, detoxing, and more — and they’re all seeing amazing results as their energy levels soar and their happiness rises.

But your energy levels are constantly dipping like a roller coaster.

  • Your Instagram feed is giving you serious #bodyenvy
    and your exercise routine feels more like a painful punishment than an invigorating, holy-mama-this-feels-good kind of self-care practice.
  • You’ve tried every type of diet under the sun.
    Paleo, keto, raw vegan, raw till four, low-carb, vegetarian, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy — you name it, you’ve tried it. Is there a magic potion no one has told you about?
  • You’re tired of counting calories, fed up with feeling tired, sluggish, and bloated, and disheartened
    by food cravings that are constantly derailing your efforts to eat healthily. Hellooo cookies and chocolate!
If you’ve ever felt frustrated trying to figure out food…
Or even confused with HOW to take care of your body & overwhelmed by all the conflicting health information out there…
Finding Freedom is the place for you!

Imagine loving what you see in the mirror every day and feeling like the most powerful, vibrant, stunning version of YOU.

It’s possible to…

  • Enjoy eating and nourishing your body with wholesome, delicious food that YOU love.
  • Naturally gravitate towards foods that your body thrives on, and give up the restrictive diets, calorie counters, and yo-yo bingeing.
  • Love every inch of your body and rock your summer bikini without thinking destructive thoughts about.
  • Enjoy staying fit and keeping your body in its best shape because it makes you feel energised, joyful, and sexy.
  • Take time for yourself to slow down, practice self-care, and release habits and addictions that no longer serve you.

It’s time to find freedom and visualise your dream life.
It’s yours for the taking!

Finding Freedom is made up of…

Everything I know about holistic nutrition and eating psychology.
You’ll learn the exact tools, practices, and techniques I use with my 1:1 coaching clients to lovingly guide and support you on your health journey. This program is the culmination of over 10 years of education and professional experience as a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach.

6 easy-to-follow live video classes.
Enjoy weekly live classes where we’ll dive deep into the principles, teachings, and core coursework of each module. These classes will include practical tools and guidance, as well as plenty of homework take-aways.
3 live group coaching sessions.
Every 2 weeks, Kerryn will host a live 90-minute group coaching session where you can submit questions and receive personalised support with the course material or anything else you need help with.

PLUS, you’ll receive exclusive access to these BONUS resources…

Weekly summaries and accountability actions
Every class is accompanied by a printable playbook full of powerful questions, practical activities and journaling prompts to support you to dive deeper and experience inner shifts.

Video recordings of each live class and call.
You’ll receive recordings of each class and call in case you can’t make it to the lives or if you would prefer to listen to the content while you’re out and about. Simply download the recordings to your phone and tune in (or re-listen) any time you would like!

Easy access to course material (via your email inbox) AND access to a private Facebook community.
All of the resources used in Finding Freedom are sent to you via email, which you will be able to access any time. You’ll also be invited to join a private facebook group where you can share your experiences with and learn from other course participants.

In Finding Freedom, you’ll be guided into a deeper connection with food and your body over 6 powerful weeks. Get started creating your epic, out-of-this-world dream life...

About your instructor

Hey wellness seeker! I’m Kerryn — a Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology coach who is hooked on helping you live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life.

I’m passionate about teaching you how to make peace with food, love your body, and reclaim the time and energy you’re losing to diets and diet culture. By inspiring you to make simple, but life-changing adjustments, I’m here to guide you to shut out the noise, tune in, and take life back into your own hands.

For years I struggled with anxiety, self-criticism, and poor eating habits just like you! I know exactly how it feels to hate your body, compare your appearance to others’, and be stuck in a never-ending loop of diets and binge-eating.

When I met my first coach, I began to stop, slow down, and hear my inner voice. I listened to my heart and stopped avoiding my feelings. I faced my pains and fears head on, and I started making new choices.

I took better care of myself, followed my intuition, and let my heart guide my decisions. I made changes to my diet and lifestyle and was amazed at the effect it had on my life. Everything felt calmer and fresher like my mind and body had been spring cleaned!

Eventually, I decided to pursue a career in health coaching and earned all the necessary qualifications. Over the past 6 years I have been honoured to support women (and men!) with holistic nutrition and eating psychology in my 1:1 coaching practice.

Are you ready to Find Your Freedom?
Your investment for this online program:

  • Payment Plan

  • $95

    6 weekly payments.
  • All prices are in AUD unless otherwise stated.

    • Lifetime access to the entire Finding Freedom course
    • 6 easy-to-follow live video classes
    • 3 live group coaching sessions
    • Recordings of each group coaching session
    • Access to private Facebook Group
    • Discounted private coaching with your host, Kerryn Nilsson-Linne
  • One-time payment

  • $549

    1 full payment.
  • All prices are in AUD unless otherwise stated.

    • Lifetime access to the entire Finding Freedom course
    • 6 easy-to-follow live video classes
    • 3 live group coaching sessions
    • Recordings of each group coaching session
    • Access to private Facebook Group
    • Discounted private coaching with your host, Kerryn Nilsson-Linne

What people love about West Coast Wellness

I was lucky enough to have Kerryn recommended to me earlier this year. I initially thought I would be getting a well-needed kick in the pants regarding health and nutrition and was elated when it turned out to be so much more. Kerryn used a scientific and gentle approach to help me identify specific and achievable improvements in my everyday life. She showed me that very simple adjustments could make massive differences. Her approach is conversational, holistic and completely non-judgemental. Every session left me feeling inspired and excited and her soothing voice pops into my head whenever I need a little motivation.

Amy Morrison (2018)

Kerryn has taught me how to navigate, unpack and let go of my emotional and guilt ridden love-hate relationship with food. Kerryn creates a really safe space for women to completely open up and explore our mindset and behaviours without fear of judgement or ridicule. Each session was really well planned and full of inspiring and insightful information and exercises. I highly recommend Kerryn and her programme to anyone struggling with body confidence, stuck on the diet wagon, or just unsure of how to find that right balance when it comes to food’

Nicole Canning (2018)

What have others asked before
joining Feed Your Soul?

+ - Can I take the course at my own pace?

It’s a live course, so to get the most out of it I’d recommend you move through the modules as best you can as we go. In saying that, you will have lifetime access to the materials so you can come back to anything that you have missed or want to revisit if need be.

+ - Do I get ongoing access to the resources?

YES. They will be right there in your email inbox whenever you need them. You can also download all the files from your emails and keep them to look back on.

+ - How much time per week will I need to allow to do this course?

I would recommend around 2 hours per week. The classes will run for between 45-60 minutes. They can be downloaded as Audio MP3s and listened to at any time. You will also need to make time to work through the homework, and every 2 weeks there will be a 60-minute live coaching call.

+ - Do I need to live in Perth / Australia to do this course?

NO. This course is 100% online so anyone around the world can enrol.

+ - My issues are really complex. Will I receive individualised support in this course?

Yes! There are 3 x Live Group Coaching Video Calls where you can receive personalised coaching support from me! The calls are hosted every 2 weeks as live video sessions over Zoom. You can submit questions in advance and watch all of the replays whenever you want.

+ - What if I can’t attend the live calls?

You are welcome to send me through any questions prior to the call and I’ll do my best to answer them for you on the call. These can be kept anonymous if requested. Replays of the call will be sent via email.

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