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Are you tired of dieting and eating with fear instead of to nourish?
Are you feeling stressed and disconnected from your body, instead of at ease and at peace?
Do you feel overwhelmed with all the wellness info and have no idea what to do or where to begin?
Well you’ve come to the right place!
At West Coast Wellness, we help nurture you to your fullest holistic health so that you can bring next level joy and vitality to your work and life.
Kerryn is here to hear and support you with practical and (most importantly) sustainable tools that will set you on the path of glowing from the inside out. Learn how to love and honour your body, tune into your innate wisdom and fast-track your journey to food freedom with epic strategies and soul-fuelled tips for success.
Just by finding your way to this page you are on the path to freedom.
It’s time to take life back into your own hands.
Heal the body. Empower the mind. Nourish the soul.

HELLO, I’m Kerryn.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist (BHSc), Eating Psychology Coach, Speaker and Writer.

I work with people who are ready to transform their eating and lifestyle habits, so they can experience radiant, blissful wellness and lead more enjoyable lives.

I am a big believer in the possibility of health at EVERY size and am passionate about ditching diets for good.

I am here to guide you out of the negative loop of worry – comparison – self doubt – self loathing – repeat.

So, if you are ready to make some simple (but life-changing) shifts.

If you’re eager to go all in and embody that version of yourself that you have always aspired to be.

I’m your girl.
I’ll guide you from worry to wonderful.

Let’s hit pause

B r e a t h e

And discover your healthiest self yet.


Learn simple, yet powerful wellness practices at a live workshop with Kerryn.


Take the struggle out of being healthy and ease your way into a life you love with private coaching.


Truly transform your relationships with food and your body in my 6 week group coaching program.

Are you ready to feel truly nourished?

Transform your life and approach to healthy eating with my True Nourishment holistic health workshops. Discover which foods support you to feel your best every day. Uncover the root cause of destructive habits that have been holding you back, and learn how to slow down and listen to your body. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming or boring – it’s a journey full of fun, colourful and tasty surprises.

Want to work together to heal your body, empower your mind and nourish your soul?

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